Best. Honeymoon. Ever.


Yes, that is a very bold statement. Especially since there is only one honeymoon I have ever experienced, but I can’t imagine ANYTHING topping this trip.

Late spring, my husband and I started to realize that we were very behind on planning our honeymoon. With dreams of staying in an over-water bungalow in Tahiti, we took to the internet. It was overwhelming and we eventually caved and checked in with a travel agent. Our honeymoon dreams were quickly crushed when we realized that we could afford the flight, but then would have no budget left for accommodations or food while we were there.

Discouraged, I trudged on. My uncle had suggested we try looking in the Mediterranean. Sure, it was nice, but not what we had our hearts set on. I took to the internet once again and popped a few search terms into Google. Very quickly, I stumbled across Skipper Len and his yacht. I quickly sent him an email to see is he was available for our limited dates. Sure enough, not only was he available, but he would be sailing around Sardinia and Corsica at that time. Two countries (and food and wines) with one stone? 48 foot sailing yacht all to ourselves? Breakfast and lunch each day prepared with the freshest local ingredients? Yes please.

After a few back and forth emails setting up logistics, we were booked! All we had to do was wire cash directly into his bank account. What?! Wire money from my account directly to someone’s account in Europe that I have never met before and quite frankly can’t find anything about him on the internet other than his own website? Ok, sure! Yea, we took the leap of faith and did it. Life is an adventure right?

After months of planning and frantic last minute details, our wedding day came. We had the most magical day where everything (including the weather) worked out. The flowers were beautiful, the salon did hair and makeup exactly as envisioned, the band had everyone dancing, the photographers were so creative, and yes, mother nature even decided to steer that giant chain of thunderstorms away from our beach ceremony. Even better than all the hard work and planning working out? I was now married to my best friend and ready for our honeymoon adventure!cerem

We flew to Alghero, Sardinia Italy. Skipper Len had given me a meeting point (not an address, but literally a description of a place under walls in a marina) that I had written down before we left and handed to the taxi driver at the airport. Luckily, he appeared to know where this said location was and we were off. We pulled up alongside a port with hundreds of boats, and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. Does Skipper Len exist? Did we wire a bunch of money into a conman’s account and we will be stuck here with no plans?

Before we even could get our bags out of the taxi, I heard the most pleasant “Hello, Sara?” from behind me in a wonderful British accent. It was Len! He does exist!

The rest is history. This was the most perfect match for us. The boat was a beautiful Oyster 48 foot sailing yacht that was very well maintained. Our cabin was pretty roomy for being on a boat and was complete with our own bathroom/shower and plenty of space for unpacking all our our stuff.

Len’s wife Cathleen was with us as well. She prepared the most incredible breakfasts and lunches. Using local and fresh ingredients, her meals were something we anticipated each day. I am a foodie blogger, and her creations have inspired me. Check out my photo journal of the trip’s food!

The best part of this honeymoon was that we were able to explore eight very different cities/villages at our own pace. Each had a very different feel to it. A typical day involved waking up to a delicious breakfast waiting for us. We would then sail to a quiet beach or anchorage to enjoy one of Cathleen’s fabulous lunches. From there we would sail and anchor up off of a different port (by anchoring instead of mooring or getting a slip in the port, we were able to stay for free!). Len would drop us off in town via dinghy and we were off to explore as much as we liked. When we were ready to return, we used his walkie talkie to let him know we were ready to be picked up.

The skipper and his wife are exceptional people. They are so kind accommodating. At no point did we feel uncomfortable or out of place. They anticipated any needs we may have had and were truly incredible hosts.

We joked about doing a one year anniversary trip with them. Turns out they will be in Tahiti. Any gracious sponsors out there can feel free to wire money into my account đŸ˜‰

Thinking about taking an adventure of your own?
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It is hard to narrow down over 1000 pictures of a trip of a lifetime, but here are just a few:















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