Eating Our Way Through the Mediterranean

The name of my blog alone pretty much sums up my life. Lately, the “foodie” portion is taking over. After an incredible wedding, my husband and I were off on a dream honeymoon. We chartered a sailboat in the Mediterranean (ok, actually the Tyrrhenian Sea) and we were off to explore Sardinia and Corsica. Not only were we in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, but it was also the most delicious! We spent half of our trip in Sardinia (Italian cuisine) and the other half in Corsica (French cuisine). Lunch on the yacht was prepared for us using the freshest of local ingredients and styles. This blog is a photographic journey through the scrumptious trip of a lifetime. I was inspired by the simplicity of good ingredients and tasty combinations. I hope you are too.

**Warning: Do not proceed if you are hungry. You may drool.**


Our “welcome” lunch complete with roasted chicken, chopped salad, and tasty bread.

IMG_0382Upon boarding, we were greeted with a yummy bottle of champagne, the right way to start the trip!

IMG_0386There was always fresh fruit available to us. These were some super juicy apricots!

IMG_0436Our first “happy hour sunset” in Alghero, Sardinia. We enjoyed a glass of red paired with out cheese, meat, olives, onions, and toasts.

IMG_0457I worked my butt off leading up to the wedding dreaming of pasta. It is incredible how PERFECT the Italians prepare it! Al dente spaghetti with mussels, clams, and calamari in a delightful tomato sauce.

IMG_0458Mako shark stew with tomatoes, olives, and capers.

IMG_0460Sardinian white. Yum!

IMG_0461Nutella gellato. Why stop with just the creamy delight, throw a yummy wafer on top!

IMG_0466We were served french press coffee each morning on the deck. So yummy!

IMG_0485Cured beef over a bed of arugula with shaved Parmesan and spicy mustard.

IMG_0486Bruchetta. SOOOOO fresh and delish!

IMG_0487Rice salad. I would have never thought to use rice in place of small pasta in salads like this.

IMG_0488Cathleen tossing an incredible Greek salad with lots of tzatziki sauce!

IMG_0489Fresh lunch!

IMG_0558Snack with our afternoon tea.

IMG_0577This may be the only picture of me where I am totally at peace. Just looking at it calms me!

IMG_0629My handsome husband and a bottle of prosecco!

IMG_0630Mixed seafood salad. Citrusy calamari, mussels, clams, and tomatoes.

IMG_0631Garlicy clams over perfectly cooked spaghetti.

IMG_0633Horse. Yes, you heard me right. Served with grilled eggplant and “grilled cheese”.

IMG_0634Simplicity. Swordfish with salt, pepper, and lemon. Perfect!

IMG_0639Yes, those were stuffed with Nutella.

IMG_0641I wish we had stands like this in New Jersey!


IMG_0643So fresh and perfectly ripe!

IMG_0644Perfect produce!


Heirloom tomatoes.

IMG_0646Sweet as candy!

IMG_0647So fun!

IMG_0676Sardinian beer!


Prosciutto wrapped melon! Salty sweet deliciousness!

IMG_0679Citrus fennel salad with almonds. Tasty!

IMG_0680Panchetta, spinach, and mushroom quiche.

IMG_0777Seabass on the grill.

IMG_0788Grilled zucchini.

IMG_0789 Tomato salad topped with parsley and olives.

IMG_0807Incredible dessert! Grilled nectarine and fig topped with Greek yogurt and a reduced syrup!

IMG_0838Caprese salad on a bed of mixed greens and topped with olives.

IMG_0839Melanzana Ensalata (aka eggplant goop)

IMG_0840Mackerel cous cous salad

IMG_0841A classic ceasar

IMG_0901My favorite red of the trip

IMG_0905Inferno pizza – With hot pepper oil and pancetta!

IMG_0906Oh yum! Margarita pizza!

IMG_0927Yep, more carby breakfast!

IMG_0929Fennel, orange, and radicchio with a sweet vinaigrette.

IMG_0930Chicken waldorf salad complete with grapes, apples, and walnuts.


Stuffed grape leaves.

IMG_1045Rose wines are a must in Corsica!

IMG_1046My first French meal – a delightful plate of cured meats, cheeses, and wild boar terrine.

IMG_1047Octopus stew!


Nutella crepe


Lemon-sugar crepe


Yep, more carbs.


Corsican beer.


Wild boar pate. So very very very good.


Fresh salad with avocado and tomato.


Duck confit salad. AWESOME!

IMG_1101The first “brown” bread of the trip.

IMG_1102French cheeses.


My favorite wine of the trip!

IMG_1175We need our local wine bar to find this in the states!

IMG_1178Fish soup, a Corsican specialty.


The whole fish grilled with a coconut sauce. Yumm-o.

IMG_1186 Fish grilled with a red pepper puree.

IMG_1189Pistachio mousse.


No caption needed.

IMG_1195Fruit salad with cantaloupe, grapes, and lemon plums topped with limoncello.

IMG_1196A Corsican red, Dave’s favorite.

IMG_1197Eggplant caponatta on crackers.

IMG_1198 Beans with a soy dressing.

IMG_1199 “Tuna Sandwich” Salad – tuna, croutons, tomatoes, herbs, and a delicious vinaigrette.

IMG_1200Hummus with lots of paprika.

IMG_1211Sailor Mussels with the sweetest onions I have ever tasted.

IMG_1212Salty goodness.

IMG_1213Wild boar stew on top of fresh pasta.


There was a chestnut crepe there. I had no willpower to resist and then realized I forgot to take a picture.

IMG_1216Cheese dessert plate.


The French take on Nutella gellato.

IMG_1269Our last happy hour. French cheese, bread, and rose wine.

IMG_1278So sad to be having our last dinner, but very excited in anticipation for it.

IMG_1279Incredible fish soup!


Thick pieces of prosciutto.

IMG_1281Roasted quail.

IMG_1282Roasted goat.


Caramel creme – much like flan.

IMG_1285Creme brulee.

IMG_1293Tasty espresso.

IMG_1294Sweets for breakfast.

IMG_1295DELISH cappuccino!

3 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Through the Mediterranean

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  2. Very divine! And by the way…I didn’t see the warning until after I saw all the photos. Oh, and if ever you wish to take a wordpress blogger on one of your next excursions…I’m the blogger! Cheers!

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