Thanksgiving Timeline

One of the hardest parts of entertaining is timing everything. With some planning ahead, it can really take away the stress. This is my Thanksgiving timeline as a part of the Teacher. Foodie. Athlete. Does Thanksgiving series. I plan to serve my guests a nice hot feast starting at 5:00. You will need to adjust the game day timeframe if serving at a different time.


Shopping Trip to Supermarket, Italian Deli, and Liquor Store

Clean House and Make Sure it is Guest Ready

Set Table
Make Carrot Soup
Make Pumpkin Snikerdoodles

Brine Roast Turkey
Make Pumpkin Bourbon Cheesecake
Make Apple Pie
Inject Cajun Turkey
Make Gravy Base
Make Cranberry Relish

Game Day:
10:45 – Make Flower Arrangements
11:00 – Make Sausage Stuffing
11:30 – Stuffed Turkey – 325 degrees – 5 hours or 180 degrees
3:00 – Cover turkey with foil
3:30 – Guests arrive – put out Antipasti
4:00 – Fry Turkey – Oil at 350-360 degrees for 45 minutes
4:20 – Mashed Potatoes – Stovetop
4:20 – Sweet Potatoes – 325 degrees – 40 minutes
4:30 – Brussel Sprouts – 325 degrees – 30 minutes
4:30 – Take out roast turkey to rest
4:30 – Heat carrot soup over low heat
4:45 – Remove Fried Turkey
4:45 – Finish gravy with turkey drippings
4:50 – Asparagus – Stovetop – 10 minutes
5:00 – Carve both turkeys
5:00 – Serve carrot soup
5:15 – Serve feast!


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