Why blog?

My reason for blogging has evolved since I started. It has followed the major changes in my life, but has always served the same purpose – share my love of cooking and healthy lifestyle with others.

In 2012, I started taking bootcamp classes at my local gym. I was out of shape after giving up on my avid running following a knee injury. Even with months of PT, my doctor told me that I would never run again. I have no cartilage in the inner side of my knee creating bone on bone pounding with each step. I joined bootcamp to try to at least lose some arm flab for my upcoming wedding in July of 2013.

I soon realized that through bootcamp, my leg muscles strengthened to the point that my jacked up knee was stable again. I could do this! It was as if I had full body PT every session! The next thing that needed to follow was my diet. Yes, I was eating crap and needed a nutritional makeover.

My trainer at the time was a distributor of Advocare products. He urged me to try the 24 day challenge in spring of 2013. Wow, it worked! There were major diet restrictions and I found it very hard to still enjoy food while following the guidelines. It was because of this that I found the paleo lifestyle! I found it hard to find recipes at the time, so I decided to create my own and share them with the world. Teacher. Foodie. Athlete. was born!

I eat what I like to call a modified paleo diet. I still eat legumes (no peanut butter is not an option for me, beans are a great source of protein, and aren’t peas supposed to be good for you?!), soy, and more recently oatmeal (I am breastfeeding my daughter and it helps with milk production). With the combination of diet and exercise I was able to lose 30 pounds by July 2013 just in time for my wedding. I was in the best shape of my life! Then….

November 2013 rolls around and my husband and I are thrilled to find out that we are expecting a baby! Woo hoo! Talk about exciting, but goodbye paleo! Helllloooooo ice cream, cookies, pizza, pasta, and anything else my cravings called for. There apparently is no such thing as “eating for two” when pregnant. You only get a measly 300 extra calories a day. I dropped out of the blogosphere and ate my way through my pregnancy. Luckily, I still managed to continue attending bootcamp classes throughout my entire pregnancy. My last two of which I completed with my water broken (whoops!).

July 2014 (on my birthday) we received the most beautiful addition to our family… a perfect (and most importantly healthy) little girl we named Lyra! As we adjusted to life with a newborn, it was hard to get back on track. When she turned three months old, there were no more excuses.

Fall of 2014 I was embarking on the latest chapter of my nutritional story: operation lose baby weight! Getting back to blogging was an exciting way to try to get back on track. I was looking forward to easily knocking out “7 Minutes of Death by Burpees” again until my healthy took a nasty turn.

November of 2014 I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. It was a roller coaster of emotions until it was time to make a 2015 new year resolution. I was going to get my health in check! Autoimmune Paleo is an incredible tool in managing Graves Disease, so here I am working on getting my health in check!

3 thoughts on “Why blog?

  1. Have you considered adding “Mom” or “Parent” to “Teacher, Foodie, Athlete”. Based on this new blog entry, it may be relevant.

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